Experience Comes Alive

Find out more about the latest innovations in consumer experiences with Kristian Hartono, Business Group Director and Catherine Tirtasudira, Regional Technical Director for Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care and I&I at IMCD Asia Pacific.

Based on shifts in product development, how do you think personal care rituals have evolved over the course of 2020?

Kristian: Personal Care is going beyond the functional: taking care of oneself now has emotional significance. Since COVID-19 situation, it offers a positive way to start and end each day at home by enhancing wellbeing and providing an escape. As fewer people are travelling to a physical office, we’ve also seen less interest in decorative cosmetics and more uptake of home spa rituals. And of course, the arrival of surgical masks has changed skincare priorities too, as more consumers have to contend with so-called “maskne” and are looking for repair rather than enhancement.

How has the relationship between personal care brands and distributors evolved over the past 5–10 years?
Catherine: In the past few years, food has been a great source of inspiration globally. We are seeing more personal care products with textures inspired by pudding, jelly, marshmallow or tofu. And the new is balanced with the old: consumers are getting more nostalgic, looking for sensory experiences that remind them of childhood, brought to life in a new way.

Kristian: Many consumers now want to take a more active role in crafting an at-home personal care experience, for example by mixing together components to make their own scrub. This also provides an opportunity to create even more customised solutions that are truly specific to their own unique skincare needs. 
How can we expect the digitisation of beauty to progress over the next 5 years?
Kristian: I think online-only meetings are here to stay, regardless of the pandemic. In our new reality, we all want to be video-ready, but without putting in all the effort that was once required or forgoing self-care. In order to meet the needs of the market, it’s important for manufacturers to be prepared with multi-purpose, long-wear products that combine cosmetic enhancement with nourishing ingredients, while lasting a whole day on camera.