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Insights and Solutions: Innovative product development for the Home Care and I&I industry

IMCD Home Care and I&I Norway invites you on a journey through the trends that are shaping the industry. Be inspired by our trend-oriented Home Care and I&I concepts and find solutions for current and future consumer needs together with our experts.

Our claim is to elevate the performance of cleaning products for home, business, institutional and industrial use, and to meet increasing consumer demands for sustainability and performance. In our concepts, we present solutions for current trends in the Home Care and I&I industry, which our technical experts have developed together with our suppliers.


Whatever your field of application, we have the formulatory expertise to provide you with new ideas for your Home Care and I&I solutions. Get in touch with us and begin advancing the development of effective, performance-driven solutions.


Of course, we also support you with high-quality raw materials from our suppliers.

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