Roquette Beauté is offering a full range of high quality multifunctional plant-based ingredients, and high performing, plant-based concepts for personal care, providing amazing sensorial experience and claim-substantiated benefits. Sustainable beauty is all about skin health and nutrition: empowered by more than 80 years of recognized experience in health and nutrition, Roquette is now applying its expertise to skin care, hair care, oral care and color cosmetics. The Roquette by Beauté range is made from plant-based, renewable raw materials and meets the ISO 16128 standard.


  • Multi-benefit solutions with functional, sensorial and active ingredients: Moisturizers, sebum absorbers, mattifying agents, mineral powder alternatives, emulsifiers, texturizers, thickeners, film-former, emollients, humectants, actives and actives’ boosters, preservative booster, coloring agent (caramel), encapsulating agents
  • Produced from plant-based raw materials such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas
  • Cosmos, Natrue, Vegan, Halal, Kosher solutions

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