Ligamed® is a precipitated Magnesium Stearate (E470b), based on vegetable renewable raw materials. It is very popular in the food industry and is used, candies and dragees, and as a foaming agent or emulsifier in rusks and baking powder. Furthermore Ligamed improves the flowability and continuity with its anti-caking effect in certain hydrophobic powdered foods (e.g. spices and herbs) to extend the shelf life of these powders and mixtures. On top of that, it is used as a lubricant for tableting in the production of tablets and capsules. Its high specific surface area and fine particles offer a high releasing speed during tablet pressing and consistent physical performance of the tablets such as hardness and dissolution profiles.


  • Aerating / Foaming
  • Anti-caking / Free-flowing
  • Binder
  • Emulsifier
  • Mineral
  • Preservation

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